Water Pumps


We are authorized distributor of world-renowned Danish Pump manufacturer Grundfos Ltd. for Nepal.

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  • Pumps for your Home for Water Transfer, Submersible Pumps, Water Treatment pumps, gardening pumps, waste water pumps, rain water pumps.
  • Pumps for Apartments, Hotels & Hospitals for Water Transfer, Submersible Pumps, Air-conditioning Pumps, Hot water circulation pumps, Pressure Boosting pumps, Water Treatment Pumps, gardening pumps, wastewater pumps, rainwater    pumps.


  • Pumps for Hot Water for Water Transfer, Hot Water Circulation, solar.
  • Pumps for Air-Conditioning for Water Transfer, Chilled Water Circulation.
  • Pumps for Water Treatment Plants & RO Systems for Water Transfer, Water Circulation, High-Pressure Pumps.
  • Pumps for Process for transfer of various fluids.
  • Pumps for ETP Plants and Waste Treatment Systems.
  • Pumps for Boiler Feed Water.
  • Pumps for general utilities like Water Transfer, Submersible Pumps, rainwater pumps, gardening.
  • Pumps for the process (Hygienic / Sanitory)

Please send your enquiries with following information enabling us to send the quotation :

  1. Flow: Water / Fluid flow in m3/hr. or lit/min. or lit/sec or LPH.
  2. Head: Outlet pressure required and vertical height in meters.
  3. Application: Purpose / uses / application.