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Water Treatment System
Water treatment consists of a series of treatment processes for removal of unwanted physical, chemical and gaseous impurity present in water. Different processes, techniques and methods are adopted for removal of different kind of impurities.  

Few of the most popular treatment processes are:


Filteration is a process of removal of suspended matter.For removal of turbid suspended matter in the raw water,pressure sand & dual media filters are used.for reduction in iron content(suspended form), either an iron removal or an activated carbon filter with prechlorination can be used. Free chlorine in water can be adsorbed by using activated carbon filters. Fiteration systems are normally designed, based on raw water velocity.
  Tas offer a wide range of filteration systems. Filters are available with single, 5-way valve operaton & multiple valve operation depending on florade and the application. Filters are available in MS(painted /epoxy coated), FRP & HDPE construction.
Different types of filter available are:
  • Sand Filter
  • Iron removable filter
  • Dual media filter
  • Activated carbon filter


softening is a widely used technology for reducing hotness forming ions(Ca and Mg) which presipitate and scale at very low tempretature and pressures. Softening is a reversible ion exchanged process wherein the hardness forming ions are exchanged with sodium ions and present in the resin group. TAS offers a wide range of softening plants with versatility inflow, flexibility in resin quatities and ease in operation.

wide range of combinations for specific requirements



Dimineralization technology is proven and reliable process used in the water treatment industry. A properly packaged unit incorporates the principles of ion exchanged, degasification and polishing to produce mineral free water. Demineralized water finds wide application in the field of steam, power process and cooling. DM is technology that offers qualitative output to the user in terms of satisfying his specific needs. Thus to gain maximum advantage it is necessary that the DM Plant is configured accurately. TAS offers a wide range of combination for specific requirements.


Ultrafilteration (UF)

Ultrafiltration (UF) is a variety of membrane filtration in which hydrostatic pressure forces a liquid against a semipermeable membrane. Suspended solids and solutes of high molecular weight are retained, while water and low molecular weight solutes pass through the membrane. This separation process is used in industry and research for purifying and concentrating macromolecular solutions, especially protein solutions. Ultrafiltration is not fundamentally different from microfiltration, nanofiltration or membrane gas separation, except in terms of the size of the molecules it retains. Ultrafiltration is applied in cross-flow or dead-end mode and separation in ultrafiltration undergoes concentration polarization.

Ultrafiltration systems eliminate the need for clarifiers and multimedia filters for waste streams to meet critical discharge criteria or to be further processed by wastewater recovery systems for water recovery. Efficient ultrafiltration systems utilize membranes which can be submerged, back-flushable, air scoured, spiral wound UF/MF membrane that offers superior performance for the clarification of wastewater and process water.



Reverse osmosis is a process of physical separtion of dissolved solids and minerals present in water. This technology uses the principle of osmosis wherein mineral concentration of raw water is reduced by applying high pressure through a semi permiable membrane.

RO is technology that offers the maximum flexibility to the user in terms of satisfying the diverse needs. Thus to gain maximum 'RO advantage' it is necessary that the right selection is made of the 'RO system'. To ensure this and offer you the right solution from our wide range of combinations. We take into consideration your inlet water quality and capacity requirement and offer you the most opitimized combination. This choice is dependent on different flux rates, pump models, membrine types and inlet water quality. All this gives you the "Right soltions", Reduced Running Cost and Optimized Capital Expenditure.




We design and engineer the iron and ammonia removal system, which has been typical problem in kathmandu valley borewell water.


We design and engineer the user friendly, compact and skid mounted water treatment and RO Plants for drinking water, bottled water and mineral water industries


We offer complete solution of swimming pool filtration system along with swimming pool pumps and accessories.



Purified water and WFI distribution system

We design and engineer the purified water for injections distribution complying to USP, EU, IP and WHO GMP design standards. We use high quality materials and loop system to ensure the quality. The system consist of high grade stainless steel piping and fittings, jacketed and non-jacketed water storange tank, zero dead leg valves, pumps, sampling valves, controls, UV Monitoring system, Vent Filter, Spray Valve, Pendant etc.

Pharma water treatment system is divided into three major parts:

  1. Pre Treatment Sytems:
    Pre treatment system is design based on inlet water quality. It consist of filters, ultra filtration, chemical dosing, aeration system and micron filters 
  2. Reverse Osmosis sytems:
    RO Block consist of RO housing with membranes, high pressure booster pump. Electrical control panel, pre RO Micronfilter and automation systems. 
  3. Post RO Treatment system:
    Post RO Treatment system consist of mixed bed/catpol/EDI followed by micron filters and UV.




we keep stock of accesories and consumable required for the water treatment and RO plants. We have following high quality items from worlds best manufacturers available with us:

1. FRP and MS vessels
2. Multipot Valves
3. Electronic Dossing Pump
4. Chmecial Dossing Tanks
5. RO Membranes
6. Cartridge Filters
7. UV Disinfection System
8. Bad Filters
9. High Pressure and other Pumps
10. Resins & Media.