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Modular Operation Theatres

TAS offers the flexible, prefabricated, modular wall system for Operating Theatre room interior, using a modular grid construction. The design of the modular wall system is carried out in accordance with technical building requirements.

- Complicated installations for different application areas are planned clearly and functionally.
- Statutory requirements for radiation-, noise and fire- protection are complied with and we also ensure that the entire system is gastight.
- We undertake the technical clarification and coordination, as well as supervision of the assembly.
- Quick and easy dismantling for new construction, renovation and maintenance requirements


Pre-fabricated Operating Room


The most complex and challenging area of hospital construction is the operating department.
The large number of specialist requirements and the extensive range of services may cause serious co-ordination problems.
The TAS plan for theatre is a pre-engineered integrated approach to the construction and co-ordination of operating rooms.
The pre-engineered approach solves the problems of coordination, which may be encountered during the construction or refurbishment of the modern operating theatre department, whilst simultaneously providing a structure of the highest quality and standards.





  • The TAS plan for theatre is a free standing structure, constructed from composite, insulated, free standing IPS steel panels.
  • The inner wall panels are constructed to withstand strong impacts, such as from the bombardment of trolleys without significant damage to the panels.
  • All wall-mounted equipment is flush mounted and sealed into theatre wall by means of a sterile jointing system.
  • The wall panel design and construction allows for the installation and support of all equipment and the provision of openings required for the installations, without affecting rigidity and strength.
  • The inner surface of the operating theatre is seamless, free from visible joints and sharp edges.
  • The internal surfaces of the theatre is coated with a liquid plastic sterile coating, providing a clean and sealed surface



Planair Ventilation Ceilings


Bacteria cause infection within operating theatres.

In tests carried out by the UK Department of Health “Vertical Laminar Flow Ventilation” was found to reduce the amount of bacteria present in a typical operating theatre by a factor of 15,000.

TAS offers a selection of ceilings to suit all surgical applications.

Supplied with optional Air-conditioning and control systems, or as part of an existing mechanical services system, the TAS range of specialist ceilings reduce the risk of postoperative infection, whilst providing optimum comfort through the use of conditioned, filtered clean air.

The TAS range of ventilated ceilings have been specifically designed, type tested and certified in accordance with the German standard DIN 4799.

The system is designed to allow the client to select from a variety of lighting and diffuser arrangements to suit the specific requirements of the operating team.

The air / light diffusers consist of two layers of monofilament precision woven polyester of uniform porosity, with an open area of sufficient resistance to create laminar airflow from the diffuser face.

Diffusing air into the theatres, uniformly over the total area, the TAS range of ventilated ceilings provide the sterility and cleanliness required in today’s operating theatre environment.

Integral lighting provides an illumination level in excess of 1500-lux at the wound site and electronic stepless dimming down to 3%, without flicker


Operating Theatre Control Panels

New technology means regular upgrades and changes. The use of computerised systems to hold, process and transfer patient information is rapidly becoming a reality.

The TAS control panel can be configured to incorporate all the services that theatre staff require such as:

X-Ray viewing screens, Timing devices, Environmental monitoring equipment, Medica gas equipment, Communication and data points, Electrical supplies and electronic controls.

All services are located at one delivery point. The fascia is made up by selecting from the four standard graphic sets.

Each tile consists of a digitally generated control centre, complete with touch sensitive buttons, indicators and user defined text, which can be provided in a variety of languages and colours.

This fact allows the user to request specific text or colours for each individual tile layout and it is possible to reconfigure the tile at a later date with minimal cost.

All controls and relays are located in a discreet IP65 enclosure, that can be accessed by the staff to manually active controls in the event of power or system failure.

The compact steel housing, finished - RAL 9002 (Grey/White), powder coated texture, is resistant to most chemicals and cleaning agents currently in use in modern hospitals. The screwless front panel is easily removable for ease of installation and maintenance. Independent of the type of installation, all models incorporate the same design configuration.

An optional wall mounted keyboard can be provided and desk and suspension arm mounted models are available.

Package contents:

1. Touch Screen Unit
2. Power Adaptor & filter
3. Back-up Software
4. Overide Unit.
5. System Software.
6. Optional Keyboard


Hermetically Sealing Doors

Designed to meet the highest demands in clinical technology, the Medi-seal range of hermetically sealing sliding doors represents over five years of extensive development and field testing.

To maintain sterility and the correct air pressure in the department, the door into and out of the operating room should be an hermetically sealing, and sliding door.

All TAS doors are constructed from a high-density particleboard core, and high-pressure laminate is used to face both sides.

The door blades are set firmly in an aluminium frame, containing a non-porous non-shedding door seal, which will allow the door to seal on all four edges in the closed position.

The door track is constructed from an aluminium extrusion, fixed firmly to the wall.

All TAS doors run on nylon wheels within the track.

The track and wheel design is such that during the last 50mm at travel on the closing cycle, the door moves in 3 directions to form a seal against the floor, at the bottom and against the frame on both sides and at the top.

Available in a wide range of attractive, compact laminate finishes, or optional stainless steel facing.

The Medi-seal is supplied with a manual operation unit as standard. Optional continuous electrical or pneumatic operation is available, enabling automatic operation and programmable computer control through a variety of touch or hands free interfaces.

The standard automation unit incorporates interfaces, for connection to the building security, fire control or building management system.

The Medi-seal range includes:

• 2000S Sound Resistant
• 2000F Fire Resistant
• 2000E A & E Door
• 2000X X-ray Room Door
• 2000R Radiation Resistant Mobile Screens


Cascade Pressure Stabilsers


The Cascade Pressure Stabilisers are a range of multi-bladed units specifically designed to control room air pressures in critical areas, such as Operating Theatre Suites, Aseptic Suites, Clean Rooms and similar areas.

Each stabiliser comprises of a carbon steel case and matching slip over rear flange.

The carbon steelhousing contains up to four Grade 304 stainless steel blades, which pivot upon sealed for life bearing assemblies.

Balancing is carried out utilising a proven balance weight assembly.

TAS stabilisers are manufactured and delivered pre-set and locked to the required pressure differential.

Individually balanced, TAS stabilisers are accurate to a range of 1 Pascal over their working range of 5-35 Pa.

Adjustment can easily be carried out on site should the need arise.

Blades are manufactured in a range of standard widths, to provide a wide range of airflow’s using a single stabiliser installation.

To select the appropriate stabiliser: Determine the required operating pressure and then select the corresponding flow factor from the flow factor table.

Divide the flow factor in to the desired air volume. Multiply the answer by 320 to give you the theoretical blade length in linear millimetres. Divide the total by one, two, three or four to allow the selection of a standard length from the list below.

Standard blade lengths are, 300, 330, 380, 430, 470, 520 and 550mm.

Flow factor table
Pressure (Pa)               Flow Factor
5                                  0.042
8                                  0.053
10                                 0.059
11                                 0.062
14                                 0.071
15                                 0.073
20                                 0.084               
22                                 0.089
25                                 0.094
30                                 0.103               
32                                 0.106
35                                 0.112

Example: 0.30 m3/s @8Pa
Flow factor = 0.053
0.30/0.053 X 320 = 1811
(Linear mm of blade)
Divide by four to give
theoretical blade length of 452.80mm.
A PS470/4 would be selected.


X-ray Viewing Screens


Modern medical practices require the use of precision, controllable equipment.

TAS provides a range of X-ray viewing screens that comply with most international standards.

Exceeding the requirements of DIN 6856, the TAS range of X-ray viewing screens are designed to fully comply with UK Department of Health Technical Memorandums

Manufactured in accordance with UK DHSS HTM-2007 - Electrical Supply and Services Distribution, 2020 and 2021 - Electrical Safety Codes for Low/High Voltage Systems, respectively, all TAS x-ray viewing screens are internally wired to I.E.E. Regulations.

Incorporating TFT LCD panels, the TAS range of X-ray viewing screens provide stepless, flicker free dimming, ranging from 100% - 10%.

The latest control technology provides for lower power consumption (savings of about 30% in dimming operations),very stable, flickerless light, low temperature rise, immediate start without blinking, low Magnetic field.

Providing exceptionally high levels of luminous density, from 4000 to 5400cd/ sq m, the TAS range of X-ray viewing screens are ideally suited for general, surgical and dental use.

The compact steel housing, finished - RAL 9002 (Grey/White), powder coated texture, is resistant to most chemicals and cleaning agents currently in use in modern hospitals.

The screwless front panel is easily removable for ease of installation and maintenance. Independent of the type of installation, all models incorporate the same design configuration.

Desk and wall mounted models are supplied with 2-metres of heat resistant cable, with plug.

In recessed models the user-supplied cable is introduced through the rear panel of the view-box.

Available as single, double, three, four, six and nine plate models, x-ray films are attached to the viewer fascia by our unique film fastener system, ensuring ease of access and necessary sterility.


Operating Room Accessories

Bacteria cause infection within operating theatres.

Wherever possible, all wall mounted theatre equipment supplied by TAS is flush mounted and sealed into the theatre wall by means of a neoprene gasket.

Fixed Furniture

TAS provides a range of wall mounted storage units and equipment accessories, individually tailored to suit most applications.

Fully integrated within the operating theatre structure, all units have a smooth finish, are free from cracks and crevices.

The modular wall-mounted units are available in four different heights and widths.

A combination storage unit / writing desk is available, that can be stored within the wall cavity when not required.

Modular wall-mounted units are available to house a variety of equipment accessories, ranging from suction receiver jars to surgical glove and mask dispenser systems.


Surgical Scrub Sinks


TAS scrub stations have been designed to ensure that surgeons and staff can undergo a thorough aseptic scrub, whether using the count-stroke or timed scrub methods.

Each fixture is fabricated from heavy gauge, type 304, stainless steel and is a seamless welded construction polished to a satin finish.

The cabinet interior is sound deadend with a fire-resistant material. The unit is designed to be installed on the wall using a mounting carrier.

The Scrub Sink is provided with a front access panel which is easily removed for access to the water control valves, waste connections, stops and strainers.

The Scrub sink has a sloping bottom surface to minimize splashing and a 1-1/2”OD tail piece with a 3” flat strainer drain.

Hands Free Operation includes infrared sensor with a built-in range of adjustment. User definable settings are available

A thermostatically controlled mixing valve automatically maintains water temperature, not to exceed 115°F (46°C). This easily adjustable, anti-scald valve will automatically shut off if the hot or cold water supply fails.

Available as Manual Model or Electric Model, with one, two or three wash stations.