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Medical Gas Pipeline System

TAS is the Nepal's largest supplier of medical gas equipment, including medical air plants, medical vacuum plants, Oxygen Generation Plants, manifolds and pipeline components to NFPA 99 standards and HTM 02-01 / ISO standards. Medical gas service and support is central to everything we offer our customers, and we maintain the Nepal's largest service force dedicated exclusively to medical gas.


Medical Gas Outlets


Medical gas outlet are one of the most important part of the Medical Gas Pipeline Systems supplying medical gas to the patients. In our part of world it is mostly BS Standard outlets are used. We can supply other type of outlets also as per the requirements.

We have both Imported and Indian outlets. We always recommend imported good quality outlets as the outlets are the major source of leakage of Oxygen and other medical gases.

TAS imported outlets are :

  • Comprises of rough-in and finishing assembly.
  • Color coding for different gas source and only accepts British compatible adapters.
  • Each outlets are 100% hydrostatic tested for medical gas service.
  • 360° swivel inlet pipe for easy installation.
  • Interchangeable to console type simply by disassembling the white cover.
  • Comply with BS En737-1 and HTM2022 standard regulation.



Adapter & Probes


Adapters and Probes are sued for connecting secondary equipment to gas outlet in order to deliver medical gas service to the patient. We use Stainless Steel Adapters and Probes only.

TAS Adapters & Probes are made of stainless steel strengthening its durability. Sizes are available for different for each gas source of adapter


Distribution Systems

TAS distribution system is designed as per the guidelines laid by HTM & NFPA. All copper pipes used are half hardened, tempered, seamless, phosphorous deoxidized, non-arsenic and fully degreased (DHP grade copper tubes materials) confirming to BS: 6017/1981, BS: EN 1057/1996, BS EN 1412:1996 grade CW024A (Cu-DHP), BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and Table-2 (Cu-DHP), manufactured as per BS: 2871 Part-1 of 1971 table – X and BS EN 13348:2001on half hard conditioned and dimensions tolerance as per BS:EN: 1057:1996. Pipes Fittings and pipe jointing fittings are end-feed capillary fittings to BS EN 1254-1:1998.



Manifold System & Control Panels

TAS Manifold System, Emergency Manifold System & Control Panels are made of high quality materials. Manifold system size is selected as per the total consumption of Gas in a day. Emergency Manifold System is kept for the emergency backup system.



Suction Unit

Suction Unit consists of Vacuum Regulator, Collection Jar and Vacuum Slide


Vacuum Regulator
To be connected to the medical vacuum gas outlet for suctioning of sputum, waste fluid and secretion.

2 Mode, 3 Mode, High and Low vacuum Regulators are available. Pressure gauge has color coding to differentiate low, medium and high vacuum pressure. Plastic body and cover enables to prevent risk of corrosion. Collocations with safety trap avoiding cross infection and contamination. Wide variety of inlet and outlet fittings are available.

Collection Bottle
Vacuum Collection Bottle is made of Polycarbonate materials and is autoclavable. It is available in different sizes from 600 ml to 3000 ml.

Slide is used for holding the Collection bottle on wall or Bed Head Trunking Unit


Multi-Purpose Therapy Stand Assembly


Designed to meet high volume collection and disposal needs in Operation Theartres. Strong safety function – anti-reflux valve and safety trap prevents the backflow of fluids into the central vacuum system. Durable construction that is easy to clean. Mobile stand with 4-5 rotating castors. Equipped with a DISS swivel-nut connection for attaching a suction regulator. Carries up to two collection bottles of either 2000ml or 3000ml size.


O2/Air Flowmeter & Humidifier Bottle

To be connected to the medical O2 & Air gas outlet for providing oxygen (air) to the patients. It Provides 0-15LPM flow rate control, calibrated at 50PSI inlet pressure.Easy flow rate adjustment by turning the unobstructed knob. Transparent outer tube for precise observation equipped with polycarbonate material for enhancing durability.

Also available O2 Flowmeter for Cylinders.


Zone Valve Box

To be installed in or near nursing station, in alignment with area alarm for the purpose to shut off/ open use during emergency and/or testing procedure. Three piece construction ball valve for easy installation and maintenance. Designed for working pressure of 400PSI or 30” Vacuum. Equipped with corrosion-resistant steel body. Transparent cover for easy monitoring.



Area Alarm Systems

The area alarm is designed to monitor line pressure in oxygen, nitrous oxide, medical air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, vacuum and waste gas evacuation piping system.


Closed circuit design monitors gas distributing system. Visual and audible alarm feature. Accommodates up to six (6) gas service. Full range pressure/ vacuum gauge for each gas service. Plug-in type connection between rough-in and finishing panel assembly. Meets the requirement of NFPA99.


Horizontal Aluminum Trunking System


Designed to meet the increasing needs of the patient care environment. It is capable of installing lights and switches, gas outlets, electrical sockets and nurse call system. Aluminum, with anodizing finish. Provide practical and convenient way to run gas pipes and cables around wards. Provide safe and efficient working environment in patient rooms. Convenient for easy installation and maintain. Comply with NFPA 99 requirements.

Accessories for Bed Head panels

Baskets : Provides medical profession organizing patient’s area providing ready access to commonly used equipment. Made of Stainless Steel.
I.V.Pole : Provide the ease of hanging the I.V. Bottles and eliminates the need for separate I.V.Stand on floor or ceilings.
Infusion Pump Pole : Provide a safe stand for Infusion and Syringe Pumps.
Lights : Up and Down Lights inbuilt in Bed Head Trunking Units.


Rigid and Retractable Pendants


The Rigid and Retractable pendants are principally designed for use in operating theatres and anesthetic rooms. Gas terminal units and electrical services are positioned above head height giving valuable free space around the patient for fixed or trolley mounted equipment. Up to 9 gases may be fitted to the underside of the pendant, with mains socket outlets and extra-low voltage data and other electrical connection points being distributed around the base of the vertical section.

We have different types of OT Pendants available with us like Rigid Type, Retractable Type, Single Column, Double Column etc and in various materials options.


Medical Air Systems


Provides medical air for patients in hospital and clinic centers. Medical Air Compressor System is a custom made design product and shall be customized to meet or exceed customer’s requirement.The critical field of patient care requires ultra clean, purified, medical air delivered to operating theaters and hospital beds with absolute reliability. A hospitals medical air supply is a vital life support service, maintaining respiration of the critically ill during mechanical ventilation. TAS Medical Air systems have been carefully designed to surpass the requirements of the most comprehensive regulatory requirements. TAS Medical Air systems have a unique multi-stage purification system that converts a compressed air source into internationally certified breathing air.


Medical Vacuum Systems


Provides medical professions in hospital and surgical centers suctioning of sputum, waste fluid and secretion from patients. Vacuum Pump System is a custom made design product and shall be customized to meet or exceed customer’s requirement.

Medical Vacuum System should be carefully designed to avoid any operational problems and infection control. TAS Medical Vacuum System are rugged and designed keeping in view the skills of local manpower operating the plant and ease of maintenance.


AGS - Anesthetic Gas Scavenging Systems


Anesthetic Gas Scavenging system by TAS provides increased safety and user-friendliness. The Anesthetic Gas Scavenging System removes anesthetic gas mixtures in areas fitted with nitrous oxide terminal units like operating rooms. By virtue of its design, the active disposal system can produce high capture levels simply by connecting the terminal unit to the anesthetic breathing circuit via a receiver unit. This removal at the source eliminates the possible long term health hazards for the exposed medical staff.

When designing the AGS plant, particular emphasis was placed on user friendliness. By introducing a robust skid mounted frame with improved component layout, several benefits are offered. Next to reduced footprint, the controls are placed on a user convenient height. Easy access of the components, results in improved usability and faster maintenance. The flow regulating valve is now adjustable from the outside, being placed on either side of the unit. The duplex units also allow servicing of one of the pumps, while the other remains in operation. Remote switches of the AGS can be installed at any convenient location either in or close to the operating and anaesthetic room. TAS terminal units incorporate an adjustable orifice, which enables the flow to be adjusted to any standard.


High Pressure Hose


To be connected with equipment that requires high pressure hose. It can also act as an extension. It is made of Synthetic rubber. Color coding for different gas source. Working pressure up to 400PSI. Hose diameter is 1/4”