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Water treatment consists of a series of treatment processes for removal of unwanted physical…
<a href="https://tas.com.np/product/water-treatment-system/">WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM</a>“><br />
Water Scarcity has been the biggest challenge in the world now and is going to be a key reason…<br />
<cite><a href=WASTE & EFFLUENT TREATMENT Water and Waste
<a href="https://tas.com.np/product/waste-effluent-treatment/">WASTE & EFFLUENT TREATMENT </a>“><br />
We have complete range of Swimming Pool Filteration, Lightings, Safety & maintenance …<br />
<cite><a href=SWIMMING POOLS & SPAWater and Waste
<a href="https://tas.com.np/product/swimming-pools-spa/">SWIMMING POOLS & SPA</a>“><br />
Perhaps no other feature contributes more to the beauty and tranquility of your pools cape…<br />
<cite><a href=WATER FEATURES & FOUNTAINSWater and Waste
<a href="https://tas.com.np/product/water-features-fountains/">WATER FEATURES & FOUNTAINS</a>“><br />
Irrigation sprinklers are sprinklers providing water to vegetation, or for recreation..<br />
<cite><a href=SPRINKLERS & IRRIGATION SYSTEMWater and Waste
<a href="https://tas.com.np/product/sprinklers-irrigation-system/">SPRINKLERS & IRRIGATION SYSTEM</a>“><br />
We are authorized distributor of world-renowned Danish Pump manufacturer Grundfos Ltd. for Nepal.<br />
<cite><a href=WATER PUMPSOur Products
<a href="https://tas.com.np/product/water-pumps/">WATER PUMPS</a>“><br />
Boilers are used in almost all the industries for generation of steam and hot water.<br />
<cite><a href=BOILERSOur Products
<a href="https://tas.com.np/product/boilers/">BOILERS</a>“><br />
Air is present in the atmosphere at Atmospheric Pressure. This is pressed or compressed into…<br />
<cite><a href=COMPRESSED AIR SYSTEMOur Products
<a href="https://tas.com.np/product/compressed-air-system/">COMPRESSED AIR SYSTEM</a>“><br />
We are engaged in offering our clients installation and commissioning services for fire fighting systems…<br />
<cite><a href=FIRE FIGHTING SYSTEMOur Products
<a href="https://tas.com.np/product/fire-fighting-system/">FIRE FIGHTING SYSTEM</a>“><br />
We are authorized sales and service partner of Oxymat A/S in Nepal. Oxymat is a Danish…<br />
<cite><a href=OXYGEN & NITROGEN GENERATORSOur Products
<a href="https://tas.com.np/product/oxygen-nitrogen-generators/">OXYGEN & NITROGEN GENERATORS</a>“><br />
TAS offers sales and installation of cubicle tracks and curtains for the Health Care Industry and others.<br />
<cite><a href=MEDICAL CURTAIN & TRACK SYSTEMHospital Solutions
<a href="https://tas.com.np/product/medical-curtain-track-system/">MEDICAL CURTAIN & TRACK SYSTEM</a>“><br />
TAS is the Nepal’s largest supplier of medical gas equipment, including medical air plants…<br />
<cite><a href=MEDICAL GAS PIPELINE SYSTEMHospital Solutions
<a href="https://tas.com.np/product/medical-gas-pipeline-system/">MEDICAL GAS PIPELINE SYSTEM</a>“><br />
The most complex and challenging area of hospital construction is the operating theaters.<br />
<cite><a href=MODULAR OPERATION THEATRESHospital Solutions
<a href="https://tas.com.np/product/modular-operation-theatres/">MODULAR OPERATION THEATRES</a>“><br />
A pneumatic tube system consists of a number of principal components: A blower to create…<br />
<cite><a href=PNEUAMTIC TUBE SYSTEMHospital Solutions
<a href="https://tas.com.np/product/pneuamtic-tube-system/">PNEUAMTIC TUBE SYSTEM</a>“><br />
We are authorized sales and service partner of Oxymat A/S in Nepal. Oxymat, a Danish…<br />
<cite><a href=PSA MEDICAL OXYGEN GENERATORHospital Solutions
<a href="https://tas.com.np/product/psa-medical-oxygen-generator/">PSA MEDICAL OXYGEN GENERATOR</a>“><br />
It is a fact that in every commercial or industrial building, thousands of dollars are spent on ensuring…<br />
<cite><a href=SURFACE PROTECTION SYSTEMHospital Solutions
<a href="https://tas.com.np/product/surface-protection-system/">SURFACE PROTECTION SYSTEM</a>“><br />
We are authorized distributor for Alfa Laval products for Nepal region. Please let us know your…<br />
<cite><a href=WATER TREATMENT SYSTEMOthers
<a href="https://tas.com.np/product/surface-protection-system/">WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM</a>“><br />
Kent Elster Metering limited is the new name of the world renowned Kent Meters. Elster Metering…<br />
<cite><a href=WATER & OIL FLOW METERSOthers
<a href="https://tas.com.np/product/water-oil-flow-meters/">WATER & OIL FLOW METERS</a>“><br />
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